Young Men of Valor Mentoring Program
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About Young Men of Valor Mentoring Program
The Young Men Of Valor started its mission in January 2011 mentoring African American youth ages 10-18 through aggressive hands-on mentoring, youth classroom workshop training, leadership/ character development, job training workshops and excursions.

The Young Men Of Valor is a Non-Profit organization; exempt from Federal Income Tax under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service.

Our first conference on April 16, 2011 had a major turn-out. We had over 100 participants to show up for our "Iron Sharpen Iron" Boys to Men Conference. We also had over 45 adult males to volunteer for the event.

At our second annual 2012 "Iron Sharpen Iron" Youth Leadership Conference we had an overwhelming number of participants to attend (200 youth) with 60 adult volunteers.

A group of people saw the urgent need to reach out to our young black males, because they saw the problems plaguing them and putting them "at-risk." (drug use, dropout, low self-esteem, behavioral social issues, teen violence and incarceration just to name a few.  We realized that something needed to be done or we would loose a generation of young people without even noticing it.
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