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Saturday Leadership Camp
Young Men of Valor Mentoring Program Services
Leadership Workshops
Project Impact & Empowerment    (PIE)
The Leadership Camp will provide YMOV the opportunity to collaborate with community leaders business partners, educators, and health professionals.  The Leadership Camp will provide the young men life skills on the following:

  • Character
  • Health & Wellness
  • Financial Planning
  • Social Etiquette
  • Technology
At Young Men of Valor Mentoring Program, we believe that young people who are involve in mentoring relationships get better grades in school, are less likely to drink, and do drugs.  

We believe all activities provided by YMOV will lead to successful attainment: 1. An increase in academic performance 2. Improvement in social skills 3. Improvement in demonstrating effective decision makin skills 4. Improvement in the level of parental involvement 5. Increase the competence and confidence level of the young men in the program empowering them to take control of their future 6. The young men will be able to express self-control, respect, leadership and responsibility.
Youth in high proverty communities face significant obstacles. There is a gross disparity in outcomes for African Americans, particularity men and youth, in all major areas of American life, including education, employment and health.  The Leadership Workshop will seek to take a holistic aproach addressing the: physcial, social, accademic, and spiritual needs of the young men while in their transitory phase.

  • ​1 on 1 Mentoring
  • Group Mentoring
  • ​Personal vision and Self Identity
  • yes I can; See college in my future
The PIE workshops will provide assistance to young fathers in the communities.  The goal is to empower the young men with the resources needed to become strong, involved, responsible and committed fathers who play an active role in their families.

  • Money Smart by (FDIC)
  • Dollar & Sense Youth Investment Program
  • Smart Edge by (GMAC)
  • Bank of America Family Home Ownership Program
  • Prudential Financial Literacy program